Secret Santa Review

Christmas time is where families come together to celebrate. Which sometimes can be awkward when you don’t particularly like certain members of your Family and you then wish you beat their asses all over the dinner table. Director Adam Marcus brings this twisted fantasy to Life in Secret Santa.

A family with both private and outrageous public issues come together for Christmas dinner where they open up on how they really feel about one another. But as the truth spills out so too does the carnage as they unleash their hatred towards one another in a series of violent outburts. But are they really in control of what they say or do?

This is one of The most clever ideas for a Christmas horror movie since ‘Once upon a Time at Christmas’ with the most obnoxious assholes in one room who just let it all out. Secret Santa is Brilliantly Scripted and has some great kills and that reference from ‘The Thing. So if you want an offensive, Laugh your ass off, Violent Christmas movie then Adam Marcus & Debra Sullivan have the movie for you. 5/5 One of The most entertaining films of The Festival.

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