The Tokoloshe Review

International Horror has certainly made its mark at FrightFest 2018 and Director Jerome Pikwane’s South African chiller ‘The Tokoloshe’ is certainly no exception.

Busi is a depressed cleaning lady working in a hospital in Johannesburg whilst saving up to one day see her sister again. She also has to deal with a sleazy manager doing all he can to get his perverted hands on her… But that’s not the only monster that Busi has to face. She eventually runs foul of demonic South African myth known as ‘The Tokoloshe’. From there she is forced to protect herself and a young girl from The Creature and confront her troubled past.

The Tokoloshe is a scary and intense chiller that has a dark and unsettling tone throughout. The creature itself is terrifying also when you (Eventually) see it and they do a Great job with teasing the creature throughout the movie. This is South Africas’ way of saying ‘This is how we do things where we come from’ and I’m 100% with South African Horror and excited to see what comes next. 4/5

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