The Golem Review

At FrightFest 2018 we were treated to The World Premiere of The Paz Brothers latest feature that shines a light on The Jewish myth known as ‘The Golem’.

Hannah lives in a small Jewish village when it is attacked by outlaws who blame the village for a recent plague outbreak that is threatening the life of the lead outlaws Daughter. The villagers have only days to heal the daughter or they all die. Hannah wants to protect the village so she decides to (in secret) create a Golem to fight back against the outlaws. Only the Golem bares a resemblance to her dead son Joseph. Eventually Hannah refuses to let go of the creature and eventually loses control of a creature that threatens to destroy the village itself.

The Golem definitely had a western vibe with the outlaws threatening to destroy a peaceful village and the few who wanted to fight back against them. The story of the mother refusing to let go of The Creature is very deep and tragic. The score was great also and The vibe of the movie was oldschool and dark throughout. Another great film from the brothers who gave us Jeruzalem. 4/5

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