Climax Review

So FrightFest proved that they can turn heads and cause some controversy with the selection of Their 2018 closing film from director Gasper Noé ‘Climax.

In 1996 a group of dancers are spending the night at a Lock in at a building in the middle of nowhere that has its own seedy history. After a while the dancing gets a little out of control and the dancers themselves start going out of their minds and start viciously attacking one another.

This has to be one of the most difficult films I’ve ever had to review as CLIMAX is a movie that has not only divided the FrightFest audience down the middle but has put me on the fence in between loving this movie and wondering why it played at Frightfest let alone closed the festival.

It’s incredible to see the comments from The FrightFest Community on social media from those who praise Gasper Noé for his crazy, out of control decent into madness and those who slated CLIMAX saying it shouldn’t have closed FrightFest.

After much consideration I’ve decided to give this a 3/5 and Here’s Why….It’s Just about good as I do respect Gasper Noé for going where he went with his one crazy super long take and for the performances of the amazing dancers who make all those Britains Got Talent Dancers look amateur by comparison…..But I also don’t think it should’ve closed the festival. This years FrightFest had a lot of contenders that could’ve better closed the festival. CLIMAX is the 1st Gasper Noé film I’ve seen and it won’t be my last.

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