The Box Review

I was invited to a screening of an interesting short movie produced and starring Vivien Reid called ‘The Box’

Directed by Christopher L Cook ‘The Box’ follows a woman who is pretty pissed off at her husband….for what reasons we are not certain of…..but if she’s hiring 2 creepy guys to send her a mysterious box (with strict Instructions on how to use it) then I doubt that he’s done something that she’s gonna forgive overnight. As she follows the instructions of the box to the letter she is plagued with nightmares and the possibility that she may have taken her revenge too far.

This film was shot brilliantly and added to the tension throughout but of course like most movies featuring a mysterious box its obviously gonna leave it with many unanswered questions that Christopher L Cook & Co can easily play around with for a potential sequel or follow up. Vivien Reid played well as a wife who is clearly upset with her husband and is desperate to do whatever it takes to make him pay.

This is an interesting short that is now making its rounds hopefully at a Film Festival near you so keep an eye out as this one is worth seeing so you can make up your own theories. 3.5/5

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