The Witch Files Review

During detention a group of out of place students come together when they discover the ability to create spells with a little help from Jules (Britt Flatmo). They immediately use their new found abilities to benifit their own selfish needs but soon enough the magic they conjure comes back to haunt them with severe consequences including a detective who is investigating their actions…with her own personal agenda.

This Found Footage indie flick has a decent plot with an interesting backstory which sadly lacks the required budget that could make this a GREAT Movie….or better yet a Netflix Series. I like the bold idea of Making this found footage and at times is executed well with some clever writing. I just wish this was either remade or shot with a bigger budget. But let’s be honest when’s the last time you’ve seen a found footage film about witches in high school. Holly Taylor holds her own as Claire whilst Alice Ziolkoski also stands out as the popular no F’s given Brooke 3.5/5

The Witch Files will be available on digital platforms and to buy on DVD From October 9th. Do check this one out as it’s a likable high school Witch Mystery that I did enjoy a lot.

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