Frontera (2018) Review

A son of a respectful member of the local Community is running for mayor but faces many obstacles including a corrupt police captain, his own brother being an arms dealer and a newspaper reporter determined to bring down the wannabe mayor just to make the front page news. The brother wants to move on after their fathers recent passing but is dragged back in for one last deal which goes badly and ends up putting reputations (and lives) on the line.

This is a pretty decent crime drama that focuses on family, loyalties and ones struggle to leave behind their mistakes and move on. It certainly shines a light on just how corrupt people are and how far they are willing to go to get what they want. Oliver Seitz certainly earned his award for Best Supporting Actor at The Laughlin Film Festival for his performance as a Gang leader just trying to get his deal complete by any means necessary. I did enjoy this grounded drama from Director Jake Thomas Armbruster. 3.5/5

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