Acceptable Damage Review

So here’s the thing…this site is indeed supposed to be reviewing Horror (and the occasional super hero movie when I get a chance) but here’s why THIS movie is being featured on my blog…..

In Scream 3 Sidney Prescott asks detective Kincaid ‘What’s your favourite scary movie’? Detective Kincaid responds by simply saying ‘My Life’. This is a very similar and unfortunate case for those who suffer from mental illness.

Acceptable Damage follows Lucy (Producer Fiona Whitelaw) a mother who is fighting to protect her daughter Katy (Elinor Fortune) from a gang of youths who terrorize them outside of their home in a community where it seems that the council and the authorities are not willing to take them or their situation seriously with the exception of Inspector Eadda Parasca (Played by Director Lavinia Simina).

Katy is a free spirited young woman who has asperger’s syndrome but aspires to one day become a singer and is supported by her friend Roxy (Elijah Baker) who is also friends with the gang who harass Katy led by Rabbit (Jack Brett Anderson) who lashes out at Kate because of his own issues with his shady dad Vince (Crispian Belfrage). Katy however continues to live her life and follow her dreams but eventually the bullying becomes too much for her and her mother which leads to a series of choices on both sides that ends with a terrible mistake. One that may or may not encourage those in charge to seriously act upon tackling the issues of mental health and how to fully support those in need.

This film (Which was only shot in a week) is a social commentary on how local councils and The government poorly treat those dealing with

mental health and how very little they care they care which is very well portrayed by such actors as Fraser Ayres being the couldn’t care less Councillor Bettany and The Two Cops played by Jordan Pitt & Jamie Lee Hill who choose Loyalty amongst themselves rather than protecting the community.

The Youths themselves are Played well by Jack as Rabbit who just lashes out at society the only way he sadly knows who by hurting others. Elijah Baker’s Roxy has some tough choices in this movie as he must decide between loyalty to his friends or his feelings towards Katy. Adele James is Zoe who is willing to do anything to impress Rabbit (and I mean ANYTHING).

I’m not gonna a lie….this film at times will make you either sad or angry….or both. This very real look at how the system unfairly treat people with mental health issues and The damage it causes. A film that needs to be seen not only by anyone suffering through a similar experience but for those who dont also. 5/5

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