The Perished Review

Sarah Dekker is a young girl who one night after one too many drinks and some intimate time with her boyfriend finds herself pregnant and decides to terminate her pregnancy in secret only for her boyfriend to dump her & super religious mother to find out about the abortion and kick her out of the house.

She confides in her friend Davet Lynch (I see what you did there paddy) and they decide to get away for the weekend at a house in the middle of nowhere. Only the HAD to choose the one house that is Curse with a mass baby grave. During their stay Sarah & Davet are plagued with such terrors as dead birds, nightmare, the screams of children & bleeding….Lots and LOTS of bleeding. Is Sarah going mad with guilt or is she really being haunted by a creature that just wants it’s mommy.

This film does include the touchy subject on abortion which I will not give my opinion on as I would like to focus on the film itself which for a 1st time feature from Paddy Murphy is a more then decent attempt. An interesting drama with a stellar performance from Courtney McKeon as a young girl who has made some mistakes and is struggling to right her wrongs. The rest of the cast (especially Noelle Clarke) play their roles well too. The creature is designed BRILLIANTLY and Stephen Tubridy was the one for the job or making the creature so terrifying.

A great well written 1st attempt from a very passionate director Paddy Murphy with a solid team behind him to create a thoughtful drama about the rush decisions we make in life and the consequences that becomes of it. 4/5

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