Film Reviews

Piercing Review

Usually at Frightfest you can find some hidden gems hiding away in The discovery screens at The Prince Charles Cinema. Sadly Piercing is not entirely one of them.

A Husband with a loving wife and baby goes away to a hotel on ‘Business’ when really he intends to spend a night with a Prostitute…and kill her. But in his attempt to fulfill his darkest desires he finds that he has chosen the wrong girl to mess with and eventually the tables are turned.

Piercing was based on a book from Ryu Murakami (who wrote the screen play for Audition) so I was expecting a lot more then I got in the The film. It certainly has a one or maybe 2 twisted WTF Moments that I believed were just the appetizer for the meal to come but sadly the film in my opinion ended way too early and despite its twisted and at times interesting carachters this could’ve worked better as a short with its Anti-Climax. 2.5/5

He’s Out There Review

3rd film of the day saw a decent Home invasion Movie about a mother who is put in a difficult situation where she needs to protect her scared and sick children from a psycho killer.

‘He’s Out There’ Follow a mother and her 2 daughters (with Daddy a few hours behind on the road) take a break at a Lake House in the middle of the woods. The 2 Girls follow a trail that lead to a tea party and cupcakes. But who set up the tea party? Later on one of the girls is sick and from there the terror begins as mommy and her 2 Daughters are tormented by a maniac in a mask who comes and goes as he pleases to further frighten the family with a sadistic game of Cat and Mouse.

This is a typical by the numbers slasher with a sadistic killer seamingly playing with his food however the atmosphere is chilling and the mask he wears is quite scary. But it has that ‘We’ve seen this before’ vibe. 2.5/5

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot Review

Day 4 of Frightfest rolled on with The European Premiere of one of Thus years most unique titles ‘The Man Who Killed Hitler and then Bigfoot’.

Calvin Barr (Sam Elliot/Adian Turner) is a War veteran who is sick of being old until the United States Government gives him one last chance at battle when he is sent on a mission to kill The Bigfoot in The Mountains as The Creature Bigfoot is a walking Biological plague that could potentially infect and wipe out The human race if left unchecked. Through the movie you see his Journey in World War 2 assasinating Adolf Hitler including his missed opportunities to marry the woman he loved.

An amazing score in this movie along with Sam Elliot’s performance makes ‘The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot’ one of the most emotional of This years FrightFest that focuses on a man who lives for battle and has trouble letting go of the man he was during his time as a soldier.


Hell is Where The Home is Review

Day 4 of FrightFest 2018 began with a terrifying home invasion nightmare from director Orson Oblowitz ‘Hell is Where The Home is’.

Two young couples rent out a house in the middle of nowhere to for a weekend retreat when a strange woman comes knocking at the door asking to use the phone. But when her actions seem suspicious the group attempts to throw her out of the house which causes a tragic mistake. From there on the group paranoid and freaking out make more fatal mistakes that fall foul of some sadistic home invaders and a desperate fight for survival rages on.

Hell is where the home is has some brutal, kills that had the Audience gasping in shock throughout. This movie certainly delivered on Tension and a decent score with carachters that are not entirely innocent of any wrong doing.


American Fright Fest Review

Day 3 of Frightfest 2018 would end ironically with a film Entitled Fright Fest. Before the film began Ian Rattery was gonna offer a prize to whomever could correctly count how many times ‘Fright Fest’ was said throughout the movie.

Fright Fest is an event set up by a mayor in a small town on Halloween night where people go to get jump scared to death through a terrifying maze….The patrons nor the staff however were not expecting a deranged psychopath who just escaped a crashed prison van to be cutting them down one at a time. But that’s the unfortunate situation that awaits all who visit Fright Fest.

This film has a great plot idea that sadly wasn’t executed too well. It was very sloppy in places but what it lacked in storytelling they made up for (at times) in actual Exicutions of The psychopaths victims. It has the generic line up of those you would suspect to see in such peril including the selfish asshole who is obviously looking out for No.1. The killer himself certainly makes his presence felt throughout and lays waste to all within his path of destruction which I thoroughly enjoyed. To be honest I think the crowd were pretty exhausted from the previous film (Upgrade) that they just couldn’t fully commit to a film that despite its madness sadly didn’t deliver as well as it could’ve. 3/5

Upgrade Review

LIVE From FrightFest IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!! and after being released in America for over a month we were Finally treated to a Blumhouse offering which came in a form of a Sci-Fi Thriller Upgrade from Australian Director Leigh Whannell.

A man who is paralyzed and forced to watch his wife being murdered right before his eyes gets an opportunity at vengeance at those responsible when a boy genius grants him an Advanced AI Chip surgically attached to his spine that allows him not only to walk again but to obtain abilities far beyond his physical and mental capabilities. But the closer he gets to achieving his goal the more he starts to lose control of his new gift and eventually unravels a far more sinister secret to his wife’s death.

Upgrade is an intense, Paul Verhoeven Style, Sci-Fi Spectacular that takes influence not only from Verhoeven’s work but also the likes of Blade Runner, Cyborg with Fight scenes that mimic The Matrix and The Raid with some gory moments that have made Upgrade a Frightfest Saturday night instant classic.

5/5 Due to the reaction from a pumped audience.

Dementia Part 2 Review

The FrightFest hits just kept coming on day 3 with a Fantastic indie movie shot entirely in Black & White by directors Matt Mercer & Mike Testin.

Dementia Part 2 follows a young man who just got out of prison forced to work as part if his parole and is sent to do a plumbing job at an old lady’s house….But what is meant to be a quick visit turns into a Bizarre day filled with countless house chores from a troubled woman who is far more disturbed then meets the eye, an ambitious waitress with her own secret agenda and a boss who certainly enjoys being a bullying asshole.

Dementia Part 2 is an entertaining Laugh Riot which borrows from such classic horrors as Friday The 13th, Evil Dead and Shaun of The Dead. Great performances all around from The cast especially Suzanne Voss. Another great example of indie Filmmaking from Matt & Mike. Fun Fact: Najarra Townsend’s Carachter Shelagh is named after FrightFest regular Shelagh Rolan-Legg.

4/5 Hope to see more from Mike & Matt in the very near future

Chuck Steel: Night of The Trampires Review

Saturday Afternoon at FrightFest continues to be the gift that keeps in giving as this incredible festival brings us an EXPLOSIVE and Entertaining Stop motion animation laugh our ass off till you fall out of your seat spectacular that is ‘Chuck Steel: Night of The Trampires’

Chuck Steel working for The police force and saddened (Pissed off) at The ‘Loss’ of his wife investigates a dissapearence which leads him on an exciting adventure which includes multiple sidkicks, blown up TV’s, continuous abuse of authority and Trampires…..Vampires….Who are drunk….. and Homeless. Chuck must then put his past mistakes behind him as he takes on a horde of alcohol fuelled and thirsty bloodsuckers Hell bent on taking over The world.

One of the most UNIQUE Films of this years FrightFest that took 3 years and a lot of hard work to create a visualy breathtaking Stop motion Animated instant Classic from director (and Voice of Chuck Steel Himself) Mike Mort.

5/5 Would love to see more Animated Horror at FrightFest in The Future

Heretiks Review

Saturday Afternoon and FrightFest decided to jump on board The Nun train with a couple of Nun related Horrors at this years festival in the build up to next months release of The Conjuring prequel ‘The Nun’…Spoiler alert I’m gonna be typing Nun a lot in this review of ‘Heritiks’.

In The late 1600’s a young woman who is condemned a witch for having Visions is almost burned at the stake (by the awesome Michael Ironside) when she is saved by a Nun who takes her to a convent where she joins other nuns to find ‘Salvation through God’…..Yeah, About that….

60 years prior a group of nuns may have performed a ritual that may have summoned a demon that may have for many years after possessed and tormented most of the nuns in convent and the head nuns are doing all they can to cover it up which may not have been done too well.

I personally have not always been the biggest fan of films set way back when cause I end up making Monty Python and The Holy Grail Jokes Throughout but Director Paul Hyett made sure there was none of that from me as Heritiks not only delivers on its scares but its incredible performances, sick gore and chilling atmosphere from start to bloody finish.

4.5/5 Nun Season is a Booming.

Book of Monsters Review

I have a few regrets in my life. One of them was nor contributing to the kickstarter to this Amazing film by ‘The Creature Below’ Director Stewart Sparke which opened Day 3 of FrightFest at The Prince Charles Discovery Screen. Book of Monsters.

On her 18th birthday sophies’ friends host a birthday party at Sophie’s house whilst her dad is away filled with booze, a male stripper, and a group of hideous creatures summoned by a shape shifter from a book that belonged to Sphoiesmother who was murdered right in front of her at a very young age. The group are then forced to fight back against the monsters and prevent a ritual that would bring Armageddon to the world.

Book of monsters is a Fantastic Love Letter to old school 80’s horror that blends into a modern theme with a stellar cast, Fun kills and INCREDIBLE Creatures that are designed and made with incredible practical effects. I am preying they continue the story with not only a sequel but maybe a TV show too.

4.5/5 Arguably one of The Best Films of This years FrightFest