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Psychopaths Review

So I was very (VERY) Tired and was considering giving this movie a pass and getting the last tube home but I said ‘no fuck that I’m gonna stay and check this one out’…and I think (in some aspects of this movie) I made the right decision to hang about…’s why….

A mass murderer is executed via the electric chair but not before issuing a grim warning that his spirit would possess and further encourage the will of some of the most deranged maniacs on that full moon night.

Now I’m not gonna sugarcoat this….This film does lack a plot…but it makes up for with some very cleverly written characters. So for this review I shall express my opinions on the psychopaths

The Midnight Strangler: a woman-murdering obsessive….especially when it comes to hair. He was ok. The moustache suited him Lol.

Blonde: A women who lures her prey into a deadly trap where she takes her sweet time with her victims. Yeah she was a badass.

The Masked Ghost: (He doesn’t have a name I just gave him that name Lol) A contract killer out for revenge and is willing to kill all within his path. Strong and silent type. He had some cool moments in this.

And my favourite and stand out psycho without question….

Alice: an escaped mental patient with two minds about everything who is clearly living in the past. Ashley Bell blew the roof of this show with her performance. She has a very chilling scene that I’m obviously not spoiling.

I also gotta give a shout out to the great soundtrack and sweet visuals. If you wanna watch an insane ride about 4 lunatics going to work….then Mickey Keating has the film for you. 3.5/5

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Cult of Chucky Review

Frightfest 2017 opened up with arguably one of the BEST and most ENTERTAINING Horror sequel of the 21st century.

Before the feature we were treated to a special short documentary called ‘The Dollhouse’ which follows the journey of the Dourif family and their dedication to The Chucky franchise.

Nica Pierce is serving time in a mental asylum for murdering her family. During her therapy sessions the doctor introduces a ‘Good Guy’ doll to help Nica overcome her trauma. From this point on a series of grizzly events begin to take place and Nica (with the help of Andy Barclay himself) ateempt to survive the asylum, The ‘Good Guys’ and the psychotic Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly).

Cult of Chucky is a film that keeps you guessing throughout. The kills and gore are of course creative and very artistic. The visuals are amazing (Especially when you’re watching this on an IMAX Screen). This is a thank you to the ‘Cult’ (Fans) with a lot of clever references including an MCU Style clip after the credits. Needed more Jennifer Tilly if you ask me but I got a funny feeling we’ll be getting more of her and Chucky in the future. 4/5

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Annabelle: Creation Review

One thing that the films within ‘The Conjuring’ universe have never failed to do is scare the living crap out of its audience….and i can reassure you that ‘Annabelle: Creation’ is certainly NO exception!

12 years after The Mullins lose their daughter in a tragic accident they open their home as an orphanage for young girls awaiting parents. Samuel Mullins (Anthony LaPaglia) (A Doll maker….You see where this is going) is kind to the girls but has very strict rules…Such as not to visit his wife who is left in her room after an incident that happened not long after the loss of their daughter and to stay out of a locked room that holds a very creepy doll. But curious Janice (Talitha Bateman) fails to stay out of the ‘Locked’ room and from there things start going a little more then bump in the night for the orphen girls and Sister Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman)

From that point on the orphens and Sister Charlotte are Terrorized by a spirit that is powerful on an X-men Level that would make Dark Pheonix blush and of course it wouldn’t be a creepy 21st century horror movie without some sweet innocent song to freak everyone the F**k out.

This is another scary and atmospheric thrill ride that only The Conjuring team know how to deliver which has an unsettling tone throughout where you just dont know where the next scare is coming from. Also a great set up into The Annabelle movie we all are very aware of. Now if we can get cracking on The Nun movie that would be great…Might’ve been some Nun references in this one which you’ll have to find for yourselves. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

4/5 Fantasic Conjuring Prequel. Sometimes you gotta go backwards in order to progress forwards in horror these days.

Lizzie Borden Took an Axe (2014) Review

Ok….You may think I’m going in a different direction here with discussing a TV Movie but it is about an Axe-Wielding murderer…..I currently live in the UK so I had no idea that this show aired over the weekend till someone was tweeting about it…and which I’m glad they did…Cause it’s AWESOME!

This TV Feature follows the events surrounding the trail of Lizzie Borden who was accused of killing her father and Stepmother in the spring of 1892. Lizzie’s Father and Step Mother are murdered with an Axe and after an investigation the Sunday school teacher is on trial defending her innocence, This divides the town of Fall River, Massachusetts as some believe she is guilty whilst others fight for her innocence including her lawyer Andrew Jennings (Billy Campbell) and her sister Emma Borden (Clea Duvall) The prosecution (Lead by Gregg Henry) do everything in their power to prove her guilt and get a conviction.

One thing I must mention about myself is that I LOVE Femme Fatals (Bad Girls) in Movies and TV especially when they are being portrayed correctly…and Christina Ricci’s performance as Lizzie was FANTASTIC. I’ve liked her ever since she ‘Smiled’ in ‘Adams Family Values’. In this movie she manipulates almost everyone around her to believing that she is innocent in an almost seductive style. The soundtrack also stood out by adding modern indie music to this timeline which was great, (Kinda hoping they’d release an album..Fingers Crossed) their were some other great performances from Clea Duvall and Gregg Henry the pace during the trial might’ve been a little slow but the style of the movie and the ending was great and the violence was very graphic which for a TV movie I found quite surprising. Altogether I Loved this, I just wished I could’ve seen it on the big screen but it’s available on the Lifetime app so I highly recommend checking it out especially if you dig evil chicks and are a fan of the Lovely Christina Ricci

5/5 One of Christina Ricci DEADLIEST Peformances

Starry Eyes (2014) review

Of all the films I saw at this year’s Film 4 FrightFest this one for me personally was the most…Eye-Opening.

Written & Directed by Kevin Kolsch, Dennis WidMyer the movie revolves around Sarah (Played fantastically by Alex Essoe) a highly ambitious woman living in Los Angeles working as a waitress in a diner desperately seeking fame & fortune by becoming an actress. But when she fails auditions she reacts violently by doing harm to herself in an outburst of rage. She is caught by an acting recruitment member and is given another chance to audition by ragging in front of the talent scouts. She then attends a series of bizarre auditions that eventually lead her to make questionable choices which concerns her friends. She is highly ambitious and is willing to do what it takes to make it in the big city…by any means necessary.

This movie was indeed a stand out at the festival for its dark insight into making it in the film industry. It’s how we perceive the journey from being nothing to being important whilst losing sight of what really matters all around us. When I say Alex Essoe played her role fantastically, it’s cause she goes all the way when she ‘loses it’ plus she makes such a convincing performance of a woman desperately seeking stardom and the lengths she’s willing to go to get there, This is a very powerful movie with some great visuals and decent performances. The directors make a fantastic effort into the visuals and how they set the tone for the movie throughout.

4/5 One of the BEST Films ive ever seen at Frightfest

Dead Snow 2 (2014) Review

If you’re looking for a fun, outrageous Zombie flick I can assure you it doesn’t get any better then this follow up to the cult classic from 2009. I must highly recommend seeing this with a bunch of friends late night and alcohol fuelled in a sold out screen to really appreciate this one.

This movie picks up Immediately after the events of the 1st Dead Snow where Martin (Verger Hoel) is accused of killing all his friends by the police. He finds a way out of the hospital and vows to stop the Nazi Zombies from invading a small town. He is contacted by a small group of ‘Zombie Hunters’ who assist him on his campaign, Their are some surprising (and Comical) developments between Martin and The leader of the Zombies Herzog. I really wanna talk more about the plot but it would lead to mega spoilers that you absolutely have to see for yourself.

This is one of the funniest horror movies I’ve ever seen and it surpasses the 1st movie which is quite rare in the Genre. So much humour, Violence and references to some of our favourite movies ever. You can tell that these movies were made by horror fans. The ending is quite emotional too..Trust me.

5/5 Better Red Then Dead