My Frightfest 2014 Experience

The plan was simple, Go to this event, and Watch a few movies. Have a couple of drinks, Meet a couple of people and enjoy myself. Instead…Well…

Thursday…Met Jessica Cameron for the 1st time ever, we hung out for a while and had a long chat comparing LA & London (as is tradition) we were heading into see ‘Sin City: A dame To Kill For’ when she needed a drink but the cue was so damn long that she would’ve missed the opening 20 mins of the movie…not on my watch! Cause I had a spare bottle of orange Lucozade which I was more than happy to hand over to her. After the movie she introduced me to her friends Damon Rickard & Alex Mathieson who directed a short film that played at FrightFest called ‘The Tour’ (Which she stars in alongside Heather Dorff) they were a fantastic bunch of lads. Was also lucky enough to meet Adam Wingard the director of ‘The Guest’ which had its UK Premiere at Frightfest. We discussed the works of John Carpenter & Horror Soundtracks which was a huge influence on him becoming a filmmaker.

Friday. A fun Alcohol Fuelled evening which included seeing the amazing Dead Snow 2. There was no better time to see that movie then late at night with some alcohol in your system.

Saturday. When I walked into the cinema I was pleasantly greeted by a group of bloodied cheerleaders which was quite significant as I was there to check out ‘All Cheerleaders Die’, just before the screening the audience were treated to a dance number by the cheerleaders themselves. Afterwards I decided to do some shopping…got me a ‘They Live’ Mask & ‘Ginger Snaps’ on Blu-ray. Spent some time at the bar chatting to some horror fans including the minds behind The Horror Show TV Which Is pretty much a Netflix for horror Fans. Check them out on Facebook. Then I went back to the screens to check out Starry Eyes which included and introduction and Q&A with the directors Kevin Kolsch & Dennis Widmyer, Had a chance to catch up with them outside the screen just afterwards and discussed some of the actors in the film as well as their experience at the event.

Sunday. Got there a lot earlier than expected…which meant more time for dinking. It was a big day as I got to see for the 1st time on the big screen (NOT 1st time ever) ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ which was celebrating its 30th anniversary screening. Was also treated to an introduction and Q&A by Freddy Kruger Himself Robert Englund which was one of if not the highlight of the weekend. Never seen such a laid back individual who was so proud of what he had accomplished and passionate about movies and TV. It’s an experience I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Went to the bar and did some writing of some of the movies I’d seen that weekend then checked out ‘Stage Fright’ (2014) went back to the bar and was lucky enough to have a few drinks with Jessica Cameron and some great horror fans who I regret not getting Facebook/twitter names from as they were decent fellas. Even had a cheeky run in with the Legendary Jonathan Ross. It was a fun evening.

Monday. Got down there early afternoon to check out the Serbian Offering ‘Nymph’ but just before that I was treated to a 7-min clip from ‘See No Evil 2’ Which was introduced by the soon to be Legendary Twisted Twins Jen & Sylvia Soska’ (on screen cause they were in LA…Hopefully they’ll be in London in October to promote this) there was an introduction and Q&A by ‘Nymph’ director Milan Todorovic and Star Kritina Klebe. I asked a question myself and was lucky enough to get myself a one and only Serbian poster which was signed by director, Leading Lady & Producer. Immediately after I had to run to the next screen to check out the movie that I’ve been waiting all weekend long to see which was Jessica Cameron’s Directorial Debut ‘Truth or Dare’. Again there was an introduction and Q&A which included director Jessica and Co-Star Ryan Kiser. It was a lot of fun, Jess was very opened with her views on censorship in cinema and Ryan gave an opening insight into inspirations behind his character. Not too long afterwards I was having a few drinks with the ‘Truth or Dare’ crew which for some reason then lead to us all going for pizza at a nearby Italian restaurant. Also had a very pleasant chat with Jill Sixx Gevargizian who was there to promote and screen her short movie ‘Call Girl’. There was an after party at The Phoenix (a bar not too far from the Fright Fest Venue) but I was too tired (and drunk) to attend as I was working early the next day.

This was one of the most eye-opening and most fun experiences I’ve ever had. This was my 1st Fright Fest and my 1st Film Festival altogether and I can tell y’all now it won’t be my last. The organisers did a magnificent job with running what was an honest, in your face, no regrets barrage of movies that didn’t hold back, gave you everything in terms of performances, scares, scores, thrills, blood, gore and bodies…LOTS AND LOTS OF BODIES! Trust me they took no prisoners…The stalls had a lot to offer for those hard-core horror fanatics with very fare posters, shirts and imported blu-rays and dvd’s from the USA. Without any question or doubt in my mind Film Four Fright Fest is one of the best film and horror Events that the UK has to offer if not THE best…You bet your ass I’ll be there this October and in 2014.